Unlocking Potential on the Green: The Numerous Benefits of Junior Residential Golf Camps

Unlocking Potential on the Green: The Numerous Benefits of Junior Residential Golf Camps


Having spent over 20 years running golf camps, I have seen first hand just how inspiring these weeks can be. Personally I see three key benefits to attending a residential golf camp, technical development, personal growth and cultural experiences. In this blog post, I will explore some of the benefits of attending a junior residential golf camp, whilst also focusing on the options and locations I have running this year in St Andrews and Edinburgh.

Skill Enhancement in a Fun Environment:

Within my junior golf camps I have always looked to offer a unique blend of professional coaching, course play and tournament golf delivered within a fun learning environment. With 12 hours of coaching per week there is ample time for the players to receive coaching across all aspects of the game, rotating between long game, short game and putting stations. My team of expert PGA professionals create a supportive atmosphere where players can learn new skills whilst having the time to practise the skills they have been taught. 

In the afternoons they can put this into practice playing a selection of fantastic golf courses, supported by my team of coaches, and competing against their fellow campers. My High Performance golfers will take the competitive side of the game to the next level competing in an external junior tournament. Around this event we work on the pre round preparation, mental game and post road reflection.

Summer Golf Camp Adventures:

The camps are a great opportunity for campers to immerse themselves in the game they love with likeminded juniors from around the world. The personal growth I see in pupils as they progress through the camps is a highlight for me. Arriving nervous and often not knowing anyone, to leaving having made many new friends, who they have practised with, competed against on the course, teamed up on the beach for a game of football and spent many hours socialising. 

Residential golf camps foster personal growth by encouraging independence and self-reliance. Junior golfers learn valuable life skills such as discipline, time management, and teamwork, which contribute to their overall development.

With a wide variety of nationalities attending the camp I am always astounded by how quickly pupils develop their English with no formal teaching just chatting to each other, the coaches and the pastoral team. Cultural diversity really adds to the experience for not only the campers but the staff too. Learning about their countries, cultures and experiences is a great way to spend an evening. 

The shared passion for golf creates lasting bonds among our campers. These friendships extend beyond the camp, providing a network of support and encouragement for young golfers as they progress in their journey, and often bring them back year after year to meet up with their friends.

Cultural Experiences:

I have always looked to build an element of non golfing activities into the camps, especially for those staying with us for more than just one week. With my camps this year located in Edinburgh the capital of Scotland and St Andrews the Home of Golf, we don't have to go far to achieve this. 

Whether it's an evening stroll around town to see the sights, or a weekend trip to a museum, it's great to make sure the pupils have a wide variety of experiences both on and off the course. 

The Key to a Successful Camp:

My recipe for a successful camp is very simple. 

  1. Everything starts with a great support team whether they be coaches, house staff or camp interns, providing exceptional pastoral care and a fun learning environment.
  2. A programme of coaching, course play and activities that challenges and inspires the golfers.
  3. Camp locations that offer excellent accommodation, food, practice facilities, courses and activities.


Residential golf camps create unforgettable memories and experiences that stay with junior golfers for a lifetime. From challenging rounds on prestigious courses to evening activities and special events, the overall camp experience is something to cherish.

This year I have camps running during the following dates and venues:

  • Spring Camp - 26th May-1st June - St Andrews
  • Summer Development Camp - 1st-5th July - Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh Golf Camps - 7th-20th July
  • St Andrews Golf Camps - 21st July - 3rd August

For more information please click here or send me an email at info@rvperformance.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you.


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