Max Joins The RV Team to launch RV Sport & Education

Max Joins The RV Team to launch RV Sport & Education

We are very excited to welcome Max Outram to the RV Team to head up the launch and growth of RV Sport & Education.

Max is a dedicated professional known for his loyalty and tireless work ethic. With a wealth of experience in mentoring and guiding individuals from diverse backgrounds, he has established himself a renown reputation specifically supporting international students to become well rounded individuals and in many cases age-grade international athletes. Max's journey into the realm of international mentorship began with a passion for sports coaching, cultural exchange and personal growth. His ability to connect on a personal level, coupled with his extensive knowledge of various cultures, enables him to create inclusive and supportive spaces for those under his wing.

Prior to becoming a part of RV Sport & Education, Max dedicated a decade of his professional career to Loretto School in Edinburgh. His diverse roles at Loretto included serving as a Boarding Housemaster, Head of Year, Assistant Housemaster, Head of Strength and Conditioning, and Sports Coach. A testament to his adaptability and leadership, Max extended his expertise to an international platform during a two-year span in 2018-2019, he assumed the pivotal role of Head Coach for the Chinese under 18 rugby team. This experience not only honed his coaching skills but also significantly enhanced his ability to communicate effectively with a diverse range of international students.

Max's dedication to mentoring young athletes speaks volumes about his ability to nurture talent and instill vital values like discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. His expertise extends notably in pastoral care, evident through his certifications as a BSA Boarding Management professional and a qualified Safeguarding Lead. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Max is a warm-hearted individual rooted in Yorkshire for most of his life, relocating to Edinburgh in 2013. An avid lover of the outdoors, Max finds solace in the countryside and has an enduring passion for sports. While his career centered around rugby, both playing and coaching, Max has discovered equal joy in activities like golf and skiing.

Max is excited by the opportunity to connect with you and your family, extending a warm invitation to join the vibrant community at RV Sport & Education. His passion for encouraging growth, coupled with a dedication to creating a nurturing environment, embodies the spirit of togetherness and development that defines RV Sport & Education. Max is excited to embark on this journey together, fostering a shared pursuit of high performance within the RV community.

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